Medicines Management System (MMS), involve the use of special packaging into which the Pharmacist repack pill medicines. There are a number of systems available including Manrex, Venalink, and Nomad. In most western countries MMS is the preferred medicine delivery system for the long-term care market. Significant and proven levels of time saving, added safety, and improved accountability, over loose medicines, have been achieved by MMS. The Abbey Pouch MMS has taken these vital benefits to even higher levels with an increase in time saving alone, over Manrex, of between 25-35%! In Holland >250,000 patients and in Sweden >300,000 long-term   patients daily receive their medicines packaged with Abbey Pouch similar technology.



The Abbey Pouch medication system is a multi dose medication system prepared by a professional, experienced and dedicated Pharmacy team. The Abbey Pouch system replaces the traditional method of drugs administration. Drugs are supplied for a period of up to 28 days, ready to administer to each individual patient, supplemented with daily deliveries if required by delivery nurses. The Abbey Pouch medication system is also ideal for self medicating and patients going out for weekends etc.


Medication for each individual patient/resident is prepared in our Pharmacy and delivered to your nursing home ready to administer. Drugs are arranged according to the time of day at which they are to be administered - thus eliminating the need to spend valuable time preparing medication for each drugs round. The Abbey pouch is placed in a dispenser with the patients/residents name, photo and supporting administration paper work. These dispensers are stored in “a state of the art” medicines trolley. Detailed, patient specific, drug administration charts are also supplied. The ABBEY POUCH system makes medication administration safe, easy, accountable and efficient. It saves valuable nurses time, thus enabling more precious time to be spent on other nursing duties. Our trained Pharmacists, technicians and delivery nurses will provide, and support you, 70 hours per week, 364 days / year, with the finest medication system in R.O.I. and U.K.

Abbey Healthcare offers a total package “one stop pharmacy” supplying medicines, dressings, feeds, sundries, toiletries and general cosmetics. We work “hand in hand” with your staff, General Practitioners, and Consultants through training and support for you to achieve maximum benefits from our System. We can also supply detailed costing per patient, drug usage and dispensing formulae comparisons.

To hospitals and long-term care institutions we offer a complete “outsourcing “of    pharmacy services. Our consultant pharmacists will work with existing staff to produce the most professional, efficient, and cost effective solution to any medicine delivery requirements. We also stock a most comprehensive range of medicines, dressings, feeds and catheters.

The 21st century Abbey Medicines Management System, supported 364 days of the year by the Abbey Healthcare professional team;

Significantly IMPROVES;                               Significantly REDUCES;

Patient safety                                                      Medication errors
Ordering process                                                Administration time
Drug usage                                                         Stock inventory
Medicine delivery organisation


The system, which is compliant with the HIQA standards for medication management, is supported by a dedicated professional team of highly skilled pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, who liaise with Consultants, GPs and Nurses. They attend MDT meetings and provide medication management training and education to nurses.  

Abbey Healthcare recognise the need to constantly improve the standards of patient care and patient safety, and the benefits of our system are recognised by all who provide exceptional care both to the public and private sectors.


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